Bob Lanier the great NBA player and Hall of Famer passes away at the age of 73 on Wednesday..

The graceful Behemoth Of the Center retired in 1984 after 14 years in NBA...

Lanier played more than 9 season in Detroit  and and is also the Pistons all time leader in scoring scoring average (22.7 ppg) and ranks second in Rebounds (8,063)  and  Third in Points (15,488)

Lanier amassed 19284 points in his 14 year long career including his last four season at Milwaukee..

Bob was truly a behemoth he was known for wearing 22 size shoes and hilariously said people can fit their both Feet in my one shoe..

Lanier grew up in poor side of the town in Buffalo ,New York nothing came easy for him he struggled hard for his success..

When Lanier was in the final years of his career he was voted President of the NBA Player Association..

Bob was also the Spokesman and the Chairman for NBA's 'Stay In School" Program from 1989-94..